Your independent, objective network performance review!


Our Network Audit solution is a two-phased, concurrent research approach for measuring the quality and reliability of a mobile network by employing both market research measurements and drive test techniques. Our telecom clients are constantly seeking independent assurances for their mobile voice, messaging, and data services as well as their network's geographic coverage vis-a-vis their competition. Network Audit not only provides a methodology for independently verifying if their network performance standards meet their internal requirements but also measures on the spot and time-relevant perceptions that are captured directly through subscriber interviews during the testing period.    


 Key Business Objectives: 

(1)  How is my mobile network performing on account of voice, messaging, and data services and how does this objectively compare to my competitors?

(2)  Are there any quantifyable differences across different device brands or models?

(3)  How do my subscribers peceive the quality and reliability of my mobile network services?

(4)  Are there any geographically defined network performance issues? Are subscriber perceptions in line with these network performance measurements?