The ultimate research program to manage your brand success!


Brand Manager is a holistic, multi-dimensional inquiry system, leveraging on both market research and business intelligence, for managing your brand success in a continuously changing and competitive market environment; and truly one of its kind! The product is designed on the belief that

(1)  The market is an open system; a dynamically changing environment due to changes in technology and the shifting needs and wants of customers, and 

(2)  Market share, acquisition and churn are complex issues with multiple dimensions; Their understanding is subject to many interconnected variables that can only be assessed by examining multiple realities.

The Brand Manager framework is based on an end-to-end market research program, enriched with value added modules, that bridges the gap between market research and client Business Intelligence capabilities to answer the many brand strategy related questions such as the below.


Key Business Objectives: 

(1)  Is my brand positioning in line with my overall strategic objectives? Are there any material brand risks that my company is currently facing?

(2)  What is really driving consumer behaviour today with regards to market share, churn and acquisition? What is the true profile of my new additions and current churners?

(3)  How well does my business understand its database of subscribers and how well do they fit into the researchable market segments?

(4)  What are the strategic implications of the changes happening in the market today?