With Customer Management, what gets measured gets done!


Every Customer Management program or Customer Experience Journey requires the necessary level of assurances that company and product standards are being met. To this end we engage with our clients to map every moment of truth or customer experience centre to distil from this exercise a complete set of measurable factors and attributes that form the basis of our EX-Audit research program. Our solution is often integrated into the very fabric of our clients’ performance management programs and these results make their way into the respective KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards. Our clients who consider the EX-Audit solution ask the following business questions.

Key Business Objectives:

(1)   What company processes are truly visible to my subscribers and affect my overall brand perception?

(2)   How involved are my subscribers with the various service touch points?

(3)   How well am I managing my customer expectations and what customer experiences should I be managing more effectively?

(4)   What performance level indicators and targets should I integrate into my employee evaluation program?