We don't cut corners!

Our promise is to always deliver the highest levels of quality, on time, every time. We believe that the key to ensuring the highest quality of services is a total dedication to professional integrity, commitment to real partnership and application of professional methods and standards such as the ESOMAR standards and code of conduct.

As a standard, we implement the following fieldwork quality control measures to ensure the best quality of input data to be used in the subsequent analysis and reporting phase of our projects:

(1) Personal face to face training by our Operations and Fieldwork manager of the local fieldwork teams on the correct sample selection procedures and interviewer administration process.

(2) Interviewer training prior to fieldwork commencement with the completion of mock interviews completed by our interviewers and a sample data file of the pilot interviews is checked prior to fieldwork commencement.

(3) Back-checking on 25% of each interviewer’s completed questionnaires.

(4) Editing of completed questionnaires as they come back into the office in the case of pen and paper interviews and of the completed electronic questionnaires in the case of CATI/ CAPI interviews.

(5) Logical and technical data and questionnaire  validation through a monitoring of partially completed sub-samples of the data file upon completion at various stages of each wave of research, as well as upon fieldwork completion. 

(6) Local audit of the above procedures during the fieldwork phase from a Cyprus based fieldwork manager or our Operations manager who travels to the respective Country for this purpose.