Are your customers satisfied with your brand? Are they Loyal too?                                                                                                          

If tracking your customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and churn is critical to your business strategy and success in the context of a fast-changing market environment then Loyalty Monitor is the research solution for your company. This product measures a number of different indices and examines satisfaction and loyalty through different perspectives, brought together in a comprehensive measurement methodology based on years of research experience.


Satisfaction and Loyalty are complex issues that can adequately and effectively be understood with Loyalty Monitor. We will help you define the factors and attributes that contribute to satisfaction and loyalty, measure how you are performing vis-a-vis your competition, examine where your brand may be falling short of consumer expectations, examine the relevant customer trade-offs amongst brands, and help you prioritise future actions.


The most common business needs asked by clients for this type of research are defined below.


Key Business Objectives:

(1)  What factors drive my customers’ satisfaction and what is their relative importance? How do I prioritise my service improvement actions?

(2)  How satisfied are my customers with the service they are receiving and how does this compare to my competition?

(3)  What are customers willing to trade off for loyalty, if anything? Is trade-off for my brand functional or emotional?

(4)  Are my customers promoting my brand through word of mouth? Is it in a positive way?

(5)  What kind of indices are used to measure and track customer satisfaction and loyalty levels over time? Can these be customized to my business performance program?