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As a full service customized research firm, we deliver high quality Qualitative (Exploratory) and Quantitative research. Qualitative or Exploratory research is conducted to explore or better understand the nature of an ambiguous problem and help define dimensions of the problem. Quantitative research on the other hand is conducted to describe the properties of a market (i.e. the who, what, where, when, and how) in a scientifically valid way as accuracy is of paramount importance. Our market research capabilities include the below methodologies:


Face to face (Computer Aided Personal Interviews - CAPI)

Telephonic (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews - CATI)

In-depth Interviews

Focus Group Discussions (FGD) 

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Caller

Desk Research

Performance Testing


Online Surveys



We also employ a wide range of advanced analytical techniques to convert data and information into knowledge about the market for effective decision making. Our analytics headquarters is based in Cyprus.


Cluster Analysis

Factor Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Correspondence Analysis

Discriminant Analysis

Price Sensitivity Analysis

Automatic Interaction Detection (AID)

Chi Squared Analysis

Multiple Regression